Stay In Mayfield B&B



Welcome to the Lower Crabb Country b and b Blog ……a word of warning some apologies for spelling mistakes!

Life is too exciting for worrying about things like that!  After two years in April it is about time we had a little blog just to record something of life at Lower Crabb.  I never cease to be amazed by just how lovely our guests are.

Nearly everyone is interesting and one of the major bonuses of running a b and b is hearing all the exciting things people do in their leisure time.  I love the way you recommend places for us to visit.

Such as the lovely lady from Tankerton, Whitstable, Kent…who recomended we go to Whitstable for a weekend…gorgeous.  A rare weekend off and we will return again and again..

Our first guest was a charming lady researching where she used to live pre first world war.  Tales of thatched hay stacks and jolly farmers.  A man from Australia who was ‘shipped out’ as a child (the Sunshine babies) from Mayfield, England.  Not at all bitter and now living on the beautiful Australian coast.  But with terrific tales of Mayfield in wartime with spitfire pilots flying down the high street to wave at the village school children in the playground!  Luckily I have some of these tales for my guests to see on DVD interviews.

What better a compliment than the people who stayed here the night before and after(!) their weddings! Thankyou.  Our two terriers, Hector and Bob loved the preparations with bridesmaids, flowers, hairdressers and champagne.

Luckily we are very near the Olde Palace in Mayfield for weddings and of course Wilderness wood for those that prefer the outdoors.  It is fab to feel a little included in the party!  The guest who wrote…’it is like coming home’ in our visitors book…how perfect is that?!