Thank goodness, Spring is coming to Mayfield and Lower Crabb. Daffodils are beginning to appear through the soil. The sun is streaming in through the bedroom windows.  And of course it is marmalade making time again!

Definately time for planning a Spring break to visit the sea side in Hastings or Eastbourne. Or better still go to Brighton and visit my childrens new Cafe..Artisan in Kemp town, a superb area near the Lanes. A time for planning trips and getting out!

Expect seasonal touches to the rooms when you stay at Lower Crabb.  For instance in October pumpkin lights stand by the door and line the path, lit with candles...if you return late!  Christmas is a fabulous opportunity to decorate with the greatest enthusiasm.

Expect a gorgeous Christmas tree on the landings and festive chocolates in your room...and of course Easter eggs at Easter!  Special touches are what Sally-Ann tries to excel in... 'I try to include everything I would love to find!'....from your complimentary sherry, hot water bottles, chocolates and  to simply fruit in the rooms.  Nothing is too much...

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